I owe the United States Congress an apology for contending that they are a horde of ne’er-do-wells accomplishing absolutely nothing in regard to the impending tax issue.

The U.S. House of (mis)Representatives and the United States Senate are working themselves to the point of exhaustion at accomplishing absolutely nothing.

To work as hard as they do at failing the general population is not an easy thing to do, and I should acknowledge their hard work. They have worked their fingers to the bone, and their brains are fried from the endless effort it has taken to get nothing done on the tax issue.

I have known people who were really bad at their jobs, and I hate to admit that I voted for some of the same types to (mis)represent me at the federal level of government. I would say that they should go back to doing what they were doing before they entered politics, but then they’d be just as inept in the private sector and someone else would have to fix the messes they made.

The fiscal cliff is getting closer and the middle class will end up literally paying for the politicians’ dismal failure unless they miraculously enact legislation that actually serves American taxpayers properly.

John Clark

retired field engineer

Baton Rouge