Louisiana has resisted the recent push by certain judges to impose same-sex marriage. This is because Louisiana’s people believe in God, they love children and they love tradition.

Traditional marriage existed long before there was a U.S. Constitution. The ancient Greeks, contrary to popular myth, believed in traditional marriage. Although homosexual behavior existed then as it does now, no one then thought of calling it “marriage” or giving it a status equal to that of real marriage. The Greeks also recognized that there is a moral order in human nature. Any behavior that is outside this moral order is immorality. So when St. Paul wrote his letter to the Romans, he was not making up morality; he was just acknowledging that it exists.

Only in traditional marriage is a child produced, with a chance to be loved by both mother and father. That is why traditional marriage builds up society. It is a better way for society and especially for children. So those at present who are defending traditional marriage are being quite reasonable.

“Same-sex marriage,” on the other hand, is a counterfeit. There is no way to put two males or two females together physically — as someone has said, “The pieces don’t fit.” Same-sex marriage is only a mockery of real marriage.

But why not just be cool with gay marriage? What if two people love each other? Isn’t it a civil right anyway? These thoughts are appealing, but the answer is no. Let’s look deeper.

As Abraham Lincoln once said, one “cannot logically say that anyone has a right to do wrong.” Let us stop and remember why there are any laws involving sexual morality — after all, prostitution, polygamy and statutory rape are all illegal. It’s because society has recognized that all these things are morally wrong; they hurt innocent children and ultimately harm society. Those who perform these crimes do not deserve the right to the same recognition or benefits as those who behave morally.

Traditional morality just works. We do not need to try and reinvent the wheel of human nature to conform to today’s fads. Traditional morality helps all of society, even those who are not religious. Those who uphold traditional marriage are being subjected to a hate campaign by the politically correct crowd, with a lot of name calling and very little rational argument.

Louisiana people are a pretty tolerant bunch. They don’t hate gays. But neither will they be easily bamboozled or bullied. They will continue to base their lives on God, family and tradition. They can and should resist the fad of same-sex marriage that has seized much of the country.

Don Caffery


Baton Rouge