I would like to respond to the recent letter, “Cold blood demands gun laws.”

In this letter, the author, Jean Sellmeyer Smith, makes what I consider many misleading statements and observations. She states that there have been 74 mass murders in our country since 2012 and that that makes us the only civilized nation in the world with that record. Well, Mexico and other countries have had many more. Would she prefer for our country to be more like Mexico where guns are strictly controlled and drugs and cartels run rampant?

Just ask the Marine sitting in jail there because of a mistake. She continues with remarks such as saying, “the NRA keeps pushing guns down our throats.” The NRA does not push guns on anyone who don’t want them. What they do is try to keep our constitutional rights alive so that those of us who want them can exercise our rights. Would Smith like to see freedom of speech shut down because some people abuse it? What about our right to privacy?

Evil and bad people do horrible things every day, but that is no reason for government to violate any of our constitutional rights.

Without those very rights, we become one of those uncivilized countries she seems to prefer. Any murder is a tragedy but when there are 74 evil murderers out of the millions in this country, that is not many. We should lose a constitutional right because of the actions of 74? Does she have the same view of automobiles? They kill thousands more than guns every year, when a drunk is behind the wheel.

I pray she is not that naive. She should look at the stringent gun control in Chicago vs. the number of murders there to see how ridiculous that logic really is. For those of us who fought under our constitution and for our way of life, we support ALL of it. Not just the parts we like.

Charles Leggett

USMC, retired

St Amant