My father, both grandmothers, two uncles, two aunts and my best friend; I could go on with listing those I love who have been affected by cancer. They are who I kept in mind when I met with senators and staff members in Washington, D.C., and urged support of the Personal Care Products Safety Act (S.1113) earlier this month. When I learned that personal care products that we use every day are composed of ingredients that have known links to cancer, hormone disruption, infertility and other health defects, I felt cheated. Many of these ingredients are banned in other countries due to their health risks yet lurk in products that Americans are sold every day. While we can’t say personal care routines are the main cause of disease, long-term exposure from daily use increases our risks. As our skin is our largest organ, and what we lather on it is absorbed into our bloodstreams, it’s critical that we use products that are safe. It is vital for U.S. Sens. John Neely Kennedy and Bill Cassidy to acknowledge this as a health crisis and co-sponsor S.1113 that will provide more protection in the personal care industry for the first time since 1938.

Grace Florenza

development officer

Baton Rouge