James Gill’s “Bullets & Biscuits” column is not even thinly disguised propaganda, and it reminds me why I rarely read The Advocate anymore except to follow LSU football.

Gill’s preachy opinion piece garners nary a laugh, but then again, it wasn’t intended to be funny. It was designed to malign us “ignorant rednecks” using the typical arsenal of liberal-progressive references to our grossly uninformed, white-trash, trigger-happiness. The fact is, experience shows that people with concealed carry permits are among our most responsible citizens.

Typical of today’s so-called liberal-progressives, Gill quite evidently relishes looking down his nose at those of us he considers his social, moral and intellectual inferiors. Oh well, I guess it’ll be a while before I read such bilge again. If I wanted a snooty lib-prog editorial writer in my hometown paper, I’d move to San Francisco, New York or D.C., where our “betters” abound in their gated-community glory.

So, why do people like Gill spill so much ink and spew so much hot air in their attempts to marginalize civilian self-defense, when there’s such minimal evidence of misbehavior by those who are armed legally?

Dana Mangham

retired U.S. Army

Baton Rouge