The debate on immigration didn’t just start in the last few years.

Former Gov. Mike Foster served from 1996 to 2004, and the union that I am a member of had several informational picket lines during that time that I was a part of.

From the picket lines, we handed over to the Foster administration strong documentation of illegal workers crossing our picket lines and taking our jobs.

The evidence was in the form of audio, video, pictures and documents obtained from the companies that proved that they were aware that they were breaking the law.

Everything that we brought forth fell on deaf ears and blind eyes, from the Governor’s Office to the State Police.

Flash-forward to 2015: Many people are up in arms about illegal immigrants taking jobs from Americans.

Guess what? I am an American, and my question is, where were all of these concerned citizens when my family was taking the hit from cheap labor and illegal immigration?

Answer: nowhere. Very few cared about me losing my job with benefits to illegal workers.

The politicos today have weighed the cost of which way these undocumented people might vote and decided that the cheap labor would disappear and most of the new citizens would not vote for them.

The only solution for the right-wing politicos now is to load up the buses and build the biggest fence known to man.

Well, you know what, my right-wing amigos? You’re years too late and millions of pesos too short.

My question again, why weren’t you there for this American years ago? No response necessary; I already know the answer.

Michael D. Day

union pipe fitter

Baton Rouge