Only in America (these days), is an individual lauded and applauded for breaking their leg on national television.

Now, mind you, this young man is very upstanding and handled the situation like a real man. But, the accolades and praise he has been given is beyond anything I have ever seen.

What about all the young men who have defended our country, most recently in places such as Afghanistan and Iraq? What about those who have come back maimed, crippled, or in a body bag? I wonder how many of those men (or members of their families) have received a personal phone call from Michelle Obama?

Is this what America has come to, people? Are we so mindless that we can’t see what really matters — what’s really important? Are we so consumed with watching our president pick the teams in the Final Four that we don’t care about the state of our economy — the health of our country?

Wake up America, before it’s too late. We’re on a runaway train. We’re being hoodwinked and sidetracked by shenanigans that serve to entertain us, while our liberty is being snatched away right out from underneath our noses.

JoAnn Brian


Baton Rouge