The mass migration of refugees from the Middle East to Europe is a nightmare to the European nations. It is a wake-up call to them and the world that the problems in the Middle East today may come to our doorsteps tomorrow. We just can’t stand on the sideline to watch it get worse. It is so sad to see those poor and desperate migrant refugees having gone through so many hardships and risked their lives to get to Europe. We must help them by all means.

Sorry to say, President Barack Obama is largely responsible for the migrant refugees’ crisis in Europe. To begin with, his military involvement in overthrowing Muammar Gaddafi during the Arab Spring Movement has made Libya a total anarchy ever since. So many people just lost their hope to become the first wave of migrant refugees to Europe. His wrongheaded decision to fully withdraw from Iraq and his hands-off policy to Syria’s struggle for democracy created a vacuum in the war-torn territory for ISIS to develop and grow to be a serious threat in the Middle East.

No matter how the historians want to paint Obama with beautiful colors, they can’t cover up the human suffering under ISIS, whose senseless killing by genocide and beheading forced people to give up their homes to become migrant refugees to Europe. All of this occurred on his watch, by his policy and will be recorded in the history books. His true legacy in the Middle East is a sum of failure.

Now, our country is divided and worrying about his Iran Nuke Deal. Our Congress is in the dark, not fully informed, and can’t stop the deal. All Obama could say is the deal will prevent Iran from developing bombs for 10 to 15 years. That is a big question. We know this deal will free Iran from the economic sanctions, and Iran will get $150 billion from the U.S. Iran could use the money to buy a bunch of nuclear bombs from Russia, in secret. In today’s situation, who could stop that from happening? Obama is not John F. Kennedy Jr. In other words, Iran doesn’t have to make nuclear bombs to have bombs.

The Iran Nuke Deal is all about Obama’s legacy at the expense of a better future for the Middle East and the world. We will pay a heavy price for not seeing Iran as an aggressive Islamic regime. Its objective is expansion and domination in the Middle East, and it will use the money to do evil, hurting us and Israel. We fool ourselves for not seeing that Iran, Syria, Russia, China and North Korea are allied. Russia and China have had a massive military buildup and military cooperation and exercises for quite some time. A new cold war against the West seems on the horizon. Trying to make a deal with Iran and giving her all the advantage for legacy is like we’ve lost our minds and can’t think clearly.

Chris Hsu

retired state employee

Baton Rouge