Recently, The Advocate printed an item about the change in Gov. Bobby Jindal’s PAC.

He is changing the title to “Believe Again.” He should change it to “Disbelieve Again.”

Can you trust someone who is so changeable? While I think that anybody has the right to change his/her mind, Jindal has made a career out of adapting his thinking according to the changing direction of political winds: He was in favor of Common Core, then he was against Common Core. I read a list of presidential candidates and their place in terms of their chances of getting the GOP nod, and Jindal was the next-to-last name on the list.

Not too long ago, radio host Jim Engster had the local political pundit Gus Weill on his show. Engster asked Weill about Jindal’s chances for the nomination, and Weill said in exasperation, “He doesn’t have a chance.”

Does the public have to put up with the fantasies of a political person? No! Jindal was given the chance to show his political credentials when he was chosen to respond to one of President Barack Obama’s speeches, and it was a disaster.

From that moment on, Jindal was headed down in the estimation of his own party.

How long must we, the citizens of the state of Louisiana, have to cater to his fantasies?

I think that he believes that if the Republican candidate wins in the national election, he might be tapped for a high secretary position or maybe even an ambassadorship.

If the latter works out, I nominate him to be the Ambassador to the nation of Lower Slobovia.

Joseph V. Ricapito

retired educator

Baton Rouge