In response to “Bensons should put Saints fans’ money to good use”:

Thank you, thank you for writing that letter. So much good would come from money being spent in the ways you recommended.

But, let us not overlook the need to help children when they are much younger. Specifically, the formative years. That is a critical time in the life of all people. In the early years, children are like soft clay. They can be easily molded. The clay is a little harder in the teenage years and much more difficult to work with.

Many parents struggle during the formative years of a child’s life. No patience, no money and, frequently, no parenting skills.

I’d be willing to bet that if we could stabilize the lives of these children during the formative years, their futures as adults would be hopeful and bright.

Just as Mr. and Mrs. Benson understood that in order to have a horse run in the Kentucky Derby, money had to be spent prior to the derby (training, food, housing, medical care, etc) to give the horse the best possible chance of winning.

I am not comparing horses and people but, hey, maybe there is an analogy there.

Let us hope Mr. and Mrs. Benson will help.

Mary Cooper

retired, hotel sales

River Ridge