Unlike many of your contributors, I fully support the right of all to express their views on your editorial page, but am simply confused about their views.

On Labor Day, contributor Michael D Day was given the top-billing honor to express his views in a letter to the editor alongside a syndicated column by E.J.Dionne Jr.

Both, it seems, were whining about labor in our country not receiving proper recognition.

Again, they are both confused, as it is not the honor that labor deserves that is lacking recognition, but the antiquated system of favoritism and repression of the worker under union control that no longer receives the accolades.

It is strange that from the end of World War II until the 1970s, every union laborer in this country had but one desire, to see that his or her children were educated well enough to get out of that system and become doctors, lawyers or businessmen.

My dad, a railroad conductor and staunch labor union supporter, wouldn’t even allow me to put in an application for summer employment with the railroad for fear that I would like it and not complete my education.

Though he would not allow me to walk in his shoes, the problem was not his job, but with the frustrating system of favoritism and seniority wherein it didn’t matter how good a job one did, wherein others got the better jobs not because of ability and could sit on their duffs and receive the same benefits because they were protected by the union.

But he always waited on that great expectation of payoff from union membership, until he finally figured out to invest his money in company stock, where he made tremendous returns. So it was capital that finally paid off for him, not the old union system that by even Day’s acknowledgement apparently has been abandoned by the Democratic Party.

So rather than honor the patronage, favoritism and repressive system under what they describe, don’t confuse the lack of recognition of socialist systems that have failed throughout the world with a lack of honor and praise for the laborers of this country.

Here is to the proud group of men and women throughout this country who worked hard to raise and educate their children, the blue-collar worker, including my dad. THAT is what Labor Day is about!

Z. David DeLoach

transportation consultant

St. Francisville