“La. gambling outlets make $3 billion,” headline in The Advocate, July 22. A better wording might be, Louisiana casino patrons LOSE $3 billion during the past fiscal year.

Million, billion and trillion figures don’t mean much these days, particularly when it pertains to our government’s activities.

However, would our city and state economy be better off if the $3 billion that state’s casino patrons lost at gambling establishments had gone to pay child support, education, grocery stores, wherever money is needed to support our individual standards of living.

Has there ever been a study at casinos to determine who is losing all this money? Is it just the affluent? Or is it the poor men and women who are desperate to get a few quick bucks to “make groceries”?

The answer probably is that, like cigarettes and alcohol, gambling is an addiction. And the state(s) are going to take advantage of that to help pay their bills. And yet, bigger, “better” gambling emporiums are being built.

Maybe the casinos need to give priority parking spaces for church buses.

Joe F. Cannon

business broker

Baton Rouge