We would like to address Richard Burgess’ Feb. 22 article, “DNR agents see foam not bubbles at Lake Peigneur.”

We would like to clarify what the bubbling/foaming/frothing is in Lake Peigneur. The videos and photos speak for themselves: long straight lines between 15 and 3,000 feet long and 1 to 20 feet wide. A boat can traverse the line and the white foam/froth/bubbling returns. Sometimes one huge bubble bursts and develops into a long line. We can stand on the opposite shoreline and watch the line develop from one end to the other.

There are different types of bubbling. Swamp methane bubbling looks like boiling water. Lake Peigneur bubbling looks like a pot of spaghetti water boiling over — foamy.

The company continues to disregard the bubbling phenomenon and claim they are blameless. The fact is the cause of the bubbling is unknown. What should be paramount to AGL Resources/JISH are the consequences of a catastrophe resulting from their apathy and lack of foresight.

The company has spent $25.8 million on development and fighting us in seven years. An environmental impact statement requested by Gov. Kathleen Blanco would have cost less and been completed years ago.

Nara Crowley, president,

board of directors

Save Lake Peigneur Inc.

New Iberia