Columnist Ted Lewis made some good suggestions for the Superdome’s “ring of honor.”

But he forgot about Jim Mora, the first coach to bring respectability to our beloved franchise. He should definitely be there.

Now comes Lewis’ suggestion that Bobby Hebert should be added to the ring. Maybe if this was Atlanta’s stadium, but not our Superdome.

This is a man who left New Orleans to go to Atlanta so he could stick it to the fans, city and our team twice a year. Those are his words, not mine, but he used a body part of where to stick it.

Hebert being on the radio is bad enough, but to add his name to our ring of honor is unthinkable to anybody who has a memory.

Morton Anderson was cut, then joined Atlanta; Hebert chose to go. I just wish he would have stayed there.

Gerald Axinn


Baton Rouge