Recently, Republicans in the House of Representatives have made deafening calls to impeach and or sue President Barack Obama. However, our own Bill Cassidy did not succumb to this foolish agenda, sort of.

Impeachment or winning a lawsuit against the president is a farce and House Republicans know as much. Whether you agree or disagree with the lawsuit or impeachment is not the issue, because there is no chance that either will happen.

First, while the House of Representatives can impeach the president, he must be convicted in the Senate by a two-thirds majority. With the Democrats in control of the Senate, this will not happen.

Second, in order to sue the president, the Supreme Court would have to rule on the lawsuit. The Supreme Court does not like to settle policy disputes between Congress and the president. The Supreme Court has also made it clear in recent decades that members of Congress have no standing to file constitutional lawsuits. Even with its conservative majority, the Supreme Court will not entertain this.

When asked about his colleagues’ frivolous actions, which would cost millions of taxpayer dollars, Cassidy’s campaign provided a clear, concise response, “No comment.”

Whether being against shutting down the government until he was for shutting down the government, another trivial act that cost the U.S. economy $24 billion, to these recent talks of impeachment, Cassidy has once again proven the inability to think independently.

Louisiana needs a senator who, at the very least, can respond and take a stance on an issue without having to consult party elites or gauge how it will poll with potential voters. We can’t afford to be represented in Washington by a person with these detrimental qualities.

Leslie LaCoste

LSU student

New Orleans