In a recent letter to The Advocate, John Foster (“High-efficiency washers not so hot,” July 8) implied that Baton Rouge has plenty of water as a reason not to conserve.

Baton Rouge does have plenty of water, but the high-quality water from the Southern Hills Aquifer is being used faster than it is replaced.

Already saltwater intrusion is becoming an issue. Once we deplete the aquifer to an unusable level, we will become dependent upon the much less palatable Mississippi River. Just because a resource is currently available, does not mean it will be there in the future for our children or even for our own use.

I was happy to have an option that cost less to operate when I purchased my own high-efficiency washer. I read the instructions carefully, and have had fine results. That being said, there are non-high efficiency washers for sale.

Jane Reiland


Baton Rouge