There will be a new major Louisiana brain drain — starting now — if the governor and his administration continue to destroy one of our nation’s greatest traditions in medical education by acutely cutting the beds and budgets of the LSU hospitals without having a clear plan of how the state is going to educate future doctors.

I pray to our God every day that this will stop. I plan to do everything in my power to defeat this initiative. This is poorly thought out and it is being conducted in such a fashion that it reminds me of our banana republic days. I thought those days were over.

I stayed here because they were supposed to be over. Others will not stay here. Louisiana has been a wonderful place to train to be a physician and to practice as a physician. Here doctors care about their patients and the education of future doctors.

Many future doctors from all over the country will be coming to our state in the coming months to interview for residency spots and may find formerly great medical specialty programs to be just mere shadows of their former selves.

They will likely choose to go elsewhere to learn their trade, and one day there will be a dearth of well-trained doctors in this state. Is this the legacy that the Jindal administration is striving to achieve?

David Fargason

medical doctor

Baton Rouge