What direction?

I have traveled and driven in 40 of our 50 wonderful states and a few foreign countries. Does Louisiana not have a motor vehicle law regarding the use of turn signals? Do the turn signals not come as a standard item on cars sold in this state?

I cannot believe the complete lack of use of turn signals in Baton Rouge and I suppose in Louisiana. I can’t tell you how many times I have either almost been hit by an idiot not using a turn signal or the time I’ve wasted for a car to pass before pulling out only to find them turning onto my street again without signaling.

If there is a motor vehicle law on the books regarding the use of turn signals, it appears to me this city would be rich if law enforcement started ticketing the violators.

When I lived in California you surely would get ticketed for the lack of use of your turn signal. Ticketing would not only fill the city’s bank account, but it would send a message to everyone, “You better start signaling.”

And then again, maybe the city just doesn’t care. Like so many other issues we have here.

Ron Jackson

professional photographer

Baton Rouge