Stop and think!

My message to women of both parties determined to have a woman as president (Hillary Clinton) regardless of who she is and what she’s done:

What has she accomplished?

She had three positions:

1. As first lady, “Hillarycare” — a disaster.

2. U.S. senator: Can you name a single achievement in eight years?

3: Secretary of state: lied about “dodging bullets” during one of her foreign visits and considered arrogant by foreign leaders.

Benghazi: lied to the parents of one of the men killed — “don’t worry, we’ll get the man who produced that video” even after she knew that it was a planned terrorist attack.

As a possible presidential candidate: claimed that the emails she is keeping private includes those to Bill — his office says he has sent only two emails — to John Glenn and the troops overseas.

She claimed in a TV interview that her family was “struggling financially”; everyone knows they are multimillioniares. Her speeches draw up to $200,000.

To quote William Safire: “Americans of all political persuasions have come to the sad realization that she is a congenital liar.”

Are we, as women voters, willing to sacrifice our morals and sense of right and wrong to overlook the sullied character of Hillary Clinton just to have a woman in the White House? I hope we will not!

Joan Ingram

  • onprofit philanthropist