Please forgive the trivial thought that started this letter. As an avid newspaper reader, I found I could not enjoy the rest of my newspaper without raising this issue. I noted, with irony, the headline on the op-ed page Friday, Aug. 14, “Will Contract Assure Quality?” I believe it should say “Will Contract ENSURE Quality?” “Assure” generally refers to speaking confidently between two people, like a promise. “Ensure” is making certain in a more general sense. Parenthetically, many people confuse “insure” with “ensure.”

The irony is that the article had to do with education.

Regarding the content of the editorial, whether a union contract will ensure quality education, there are no guarantees in life. While I understand that Jefferson Parish School Board Union has a contentious history, I would point out that there are also other school boards in the state where teachers work hard for long hours at wages far below what their levels of education might command. I believe that collective bargaining agreements and union contracts would benefit these workers. The current administration seems determined to prove that the promise of no new taxes will ensure the continuing cycle of poverty, low education and health outcomes in Louisiana.

Marion Freistadt

teacher and researcher

New Orleans