In regards to “Child services workers did little to assist malnourished teen in dilapidated living conditions.” The Louisiana Department of Children and Family services claim to help keep children safe throughout the state of Louisiana. Yet do they really? Their lapse in both ethical and moral judgement has led to an inexcusable maltreatment to a 15-year-old boy in Baton Rouge, and has caused me to completely question their capabilities. The 47-pound boy was found “covered in bodily fluids and insects” and “stuck to the cot from his feces and urine.” Although the health of this boy is thankfully in the hands of a local hospital, that doesn’t excuse the fact that the Children and Family Services were notified of the boy’s unsafe condition and blatantly decided not to help him. They made the decision that as long his family had access to food and running water, and that it was not in their position to arbitrate. This decision-making by the Louisiana Department of Children and Family services shows how incompetent they are when dealing with the desperate lives of children in our city.

Christina Wong