I’m writing in regards to handicap parking. The other morning at a Circle K, I parked in a handicap van-accessible parking spot, and before I could get out, a car parked in the unload area. If I used a wheelchair or motorized scooter, I couldn’t unload, or if I were in the store, I couldn’t go down the ramp because it was blocked.

I’m handicapped, though not to the point I need a wheelchair, but there are others that do. If you were to ask someone about this, they would give you some excuse, like “I’m in a hurry,” “I’m going to be just a minute,” or “There was no other parking spot.”

The real reason is thoughtlessness. Then there are the ones with handicapped parking stickers that will park in handicapped parking and not have the handicapped person with them.

This is something Americans are really good at: taking advantage and ruining a good thing. One day, these people may be handicapped themselves and will run into this. I have a “handicapped” sticker myself, and there are times, I don’t use the handicap parking.

Jeff Olinde

retired sheet metal worker

Baton Rouge