I think G.W. Cantrell missed the point of John Donovan’ letter to the editor concerning Michael D. Day.

Donovan is questioning why The Advocate affords Day, a far-left liberal, so much exposure in the Opinion page and does not reciprocate by printing rebuttal letters from conservatives that I know are being submitted [I being one].

Donovan was not criticizing The Advocate for publishing Day’s letters nor was he bashing unions, but he is right to say there are others who disagree with Day and who are not pro-union and should be allowed to voice their opinion.

I agree with Donovan’s assertion that The Advocate appears to agree with Day’s views. I had many letters to the editor published since my return to Baton Rouge in 2000 but not in the past two years, even though I have submitted several. I finally gave up.

It seems that The Advocate has moved from the center to the left as evidenced by the topics now being covered in the paper, especially the Opinion and Commentary pages, but even the local news.

Reading The Advocate, one gets the opinion that Baton Rouge is a Third World city or some province in a banana republic. Surely, there are events in the area that are more worthy of publication than what is being printed.

Felix Planche

retired engineering manager

Baton Rouge