In a recent Advocate, liberal E.J. Dionne bemoans the fact that Republicans and Democrats just don't get along. He was encouraged by the show of unity the day after U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise was shot by a left-wing lunatic but expresses doubt that the unity will last. He should be doubtful about political unity in D.C. since the Democratic Party cannot accept the fact that the majority of our states reject it and its candidates. But to prove how fleeting the moment of unity was, the day after the ballgame our congressman was shot practicing for, Nancy Pelosi gave a news conference being highly critical of the GOP Congress. Her proclamation of wanting to work together lasted barely 24 hours. It was a very hard thing to do keep from throwing a brick through the TV set when Pelosi showed up at the ballgame in an LSU T-shirt in front of the cameras for effect. She probably ripped it off and pitched it into the garbage as soon as the cameras left. But that's Pelosi, pretending to care about a congressman you know very well she dislikes in order to "look" like she cares about a Republican.

On another note, the editorial cartoon on page 7B by Drew Litton is a perfect example of liberal thinking. A man in a business suit is complaining because he got an MBA but cannot find a job while a man in a basketball uniform is happy to say he will be playing in the NBA. Unfair, suggests the cartoonist, the world is totally wacky. It is too bad that the man who worked hard for his MBA can't find a job, but that's life in the world we are in. The young man who is going to make millions had to work and practice thousands and thousands of hours to become so skilled that he can do a job only 600 or so men can do in the entire world. And is there something wrong with the fact that fans across the country want to pay to see him play? To say that the basketball professional is getting undeservingly compensated is typical liberal envy where they show their ignorance of the fact that talent and hard work should pay off in any profession. One would hope that the young men leaving college and playing pro ball got a good education, too, but they would be fools to not take advantage of their best assets on the basketball court. We hope that President Donald Trump can grow the job market greatly, and the young out-of-work MBA can show off his skills in his chosen profession.

Michael Sellen

retired sales representative

River Ridge