A frequent comment by supporters of Bobby Jindal is that he is extremely intelligent. But the governor rammed through the state Legislature two bills that any teacher would know were unconstitutional. But maybe Jindal and his overpaid assistants are not smart enough to comprehend Amendment 1 of the United States Constitution, although they are gung-ho for Amendment 2, asserting our right to carry a gun, whenever and wherever we want to.

Jindal blames the teachers for his law being declared unconstitutional. He always, through John White, blames his constitutional illiteracy on the teachers. Of course he calls it “the unions”but the fact is that the union members and leaders are teachers. They represent us. So he is blaming us, the only people competent to operate the public schools.

Jindal needs to sit down and forget about his vouchers and teacher-abuse laws. Teachers will not sit by passively and watch him create laws that will only harm the children. The teachers are not going to stop fighting for their rights and to uphold the Constitution. It is in our nature to advocate for children and to ensure that they get a quality public education.

Jindal says that the state will fight the ruling. How come he has enough taxpayer money for things he wants but not for things Louisiana needs, including more money for the public schools? Why have our budgets been frozen for four years, but Jindal has plenty of money for an expensive court fight?

It seems to me that the Legislature needs to reapportion the state budget and provide the executive branch with a lot less so Jindal will refrain from destroying the schools. That may be the only way to stop Bobby Jindal from continuing to be stuck-on-stupid in his spending priorities and force him to consider carefully the laws he gets passed.

Rhonda Browning


Baton Rouge