The “anonymous” donor offer of $125,000 to remove the Confederate monuments in New Orleans has been reported as if it were a solution to the controversy. As if the cost of removal was the priority issue. Suppose another “anonymous” offers $200,000 to leave them in place?

What does “remove” mean? To where? His/her backyard? Could the city accept such a specified open-end donation? And then what? What would replace these valuable art works that would be agreeable to everyone, and at what cost? Years of empty spots?

Whether one advocates the removal or not, it is sad that this created controversy has unleashed venom on both sides where there was none. How many even knew who was on the horse at City Park? Other states and cities have taken down the Confederate flag, making a statement but without a continuing stirred and inflamed battle. Please, make it stop.

Faye Lieder

marketing consultant

New Orleans