In The Advocate Monday on page 2B there is an article “Ready to be put back together”

This article is about Lafayette’s main branch downtown being gutted and rebuilt. The price tag is $10 million. It’s unfortunate that the East Baton Rouge Parish Library Board did not have the same mind set, i.e., to use an existing building and to spend so much less than the current plan to tear down and double the size of one of the least-used branches in the East Baton Rouge library system.

With the use of electronic downloads increasing by over 60 percent in 2012, the need for print issues will surely decrease and therefore there will be less need for shelf space. The current plan will mainly serve the needs/wants of the Downtown Development District, Baton Rouge Area Chamber etc., and certainly not the needs of library patrons. Like Lafayette, a redesign of the existing building would work.

When the time comes to renew the library tax, taxpayers should take into consideration how our tax dollars have been spent and whether or not the Library Board of Control has used our tax dollars wisely.

Gayle B. Smith

homemaker/early literacy volunteer

Baton Rouge