The more I read about the proposed plan to eliminate personal income taxes, the more I am convinced that it’s a bad proposal. At first, it looked attractive. Now I’m not so sure. It appears that in order to give corporate entities tax breaks, a greater increase is placed on the backs of citizens/smokers.

Damage caused from smoking is well-established. If state government is serious about curtailing smoking and reducing health-care costs, why not raise the tax to $20 per pack or outlaw the sale of tobacco products in the state of Louisiana? I believe the state just wants to raise revenue by increasing the tax just enough to keep people buying tobacco products while reaping additional revenue. On the other hand, if the proposed tax has the expected results of reducing smoking, what else will have to be taxed in the future to maintain (that) revenue?

Proposed changes to start taxing services, such as cable, phone services, landscape services, haircuts, pet care etc. as well as ending tax-free days for school supplies, disaster supply purchases etc. will place the burden mostly on citizens. Consider the tax increase on big items such as house construction, vehicles, tractors, boats etc.

I agree with the state treasurer. This proposal should be placed before the citizens for a vote. Contact your state representatives and express your view before this sham becomes a reality.

Fred Spagna Sr.

retired, chemical industry

Baton Rouge