Amen, Wayne Daigle! I couldn’t agree with you more.

I would however, like to add something.

I also work “on” Government Street, but much closer to the River Center. And I would like to ask that while we are changing things on our street — please, somebody, please change the entrances to the River Center parking garages.

When there is an event downtown and parking in the garages is required, the backup on Government Street is beyond belief. It is a problem that could easily be remedied, and relieve traffic nightmares for many.

Just ask anybody who attends Hollydays, a graduation or any event at the River Center that has a specific “start” time during the day, how many light cycles (three blocks away) they had to sit through because someone was trying to enter the garage. Better yet, ask someone who has tried to turn onto Government Street through those frustrated individuals how long it took them to enter onto Government Street.

Please, whoever is responsible for the lane decisions on Government Street, I ask that you please hold off on this current plan and investigate further and research other ideas before you compound a terrible traffic jam.

Sharon Rein

executive assistant

Baton Rouge