The Aug. 28 edition published an article about TOPS that left me confused. The article states that TOPS will have a $19 million shortfall and it will have to be made up by removing funds earmarked for higher education.

As I understand it, TOPS earned scholarships are used to pay institutions of higher education. So it seems to me you’re pulling money earmarked for higher education so it can be paid to higher education.

Are you confused? It makes me dizzy.

No doubt TOPS costs money. I think the money is well-spent. TOPS must be earned or the student will lose it. That’s an honest program. In contrast to the scholarships the Board of Regents and the state legislators hand out.

Time and again, articles are written by The Advocate’s paid staff that are not supportive of the TOPS program. I would think a newspaper would be supportive of a program that enhanced the employability and education of the citizens that purchase its daily paper.

I hope that in the future The Advocate can find within itself the character to promote and support the good qualities of TOPS. If The Advocate’s concern is the financial stability of our state, there are plenty of other worthy places to start.

Bill Salmon

health care

Denham Springs