What a great idea! Our all-powerful, all-knowing Big Brother government, i.e., President Barack Obama, has decided to change the name of an Alaskan mountain from McKinley back to Denali. This could be a wake-up call to those in New Orleans who want to remove the monuments to Confederate generals and to the Confederate president, in the name of political correctness.

Why not simply change their names? That would be a lot cheaper than tearing them down, which is what the Islamic State barbarians are doing to centuries-old museums, monuments and churches in Syria. Lee Circle could become Grant Circle. Jefferson Davis Parkway could become Sherman Parkway. The Beauregard statue could become the McClellan statue, etc., etc.

Why stop there? A movement could be started to change all the names of Confederacy-related historical remembrances to more PC names. How about cities? Our nation’s capital city could become Obama, D.C. The Jefferson Memorial? Ouch! What to do about that? The Washington Monument? Gee! Everything that remembers any historical figure who owned slaves or which makes any reference to the Confederacy could be changed to some more-acceptable something or other. Washington State? Make it Bill Gates State? Numerous cities, counties and such would have their names changed to something that Obama prefers. Mount Rushmore? Scrape off the faces of Washington and Jefferson! South Dakota? South Carolina? Remove the word South! Bad connotation.

Did the Civil War really happen? Did the Confederacy ever exist?

And what about gender and racial correctness? Most remembrances are named after Caucasian men. Shouldn’t at least half be named after women or blacks or Hispanics? Where does it end?

Could the next president decide to change the names back?

Are we on the road to rewriting history? George Orwell was more prophetic than even he imagined.

Robert J. Radelat


Baton Rouge