This letter is in response to the letter published in the Tuesday edition of The Advocate, by a self-proclaimed educator.

The most important point is, just because someone tells you something doesn’t make it true. The author of the tragically uninformed letter parrots President Barack Obama’s statement that the wealthy should pay their “fair share.” As a member of the segment of society that is not wealthy and will never be wealthy, I find such a vague statement most alarming. The exact definition of wealthy has yet to be established, as has the determination of the term “fair share.”

The blanket statement that the president’s stimulus programs worked is absurd! The example by the author of the letter is that “GM is still in business, saving thousands of jobs.” No disrespect intended, but has the writer opened a newspaper or watched a factual news broadcast in the past three years? Because if she had, she would understand that those thousands of jobs came at a cost of tens of thousands of other jobs, which resulted in numerous neighborhoods all over the Detroit area, the headquarters of GM, and throughout Michigan becoming virtual ghost towns.

The tea party infestation (a highly offensive term, by the way, but not the worst that has been said) is composed of both employed and unemployed American citizens, whose primary purpose is to quell their own building level of frustration. It gives your fellow Americans a voice to say: “Enough is enough! Once you can show us that you are spending the money we are already giving you responsibly, then we will decide whether or not we will give you more.”

I would be delighted to vote for President Obama in the next election if he would show us — all of us — by his actions and not just his words that he has, in his heart, the best interest for all Americans. Driving our budget deficit to a staggering $14 trillion plus, a sum that seems impossible to repay, does not convey that.

Rhonda Browning, and I share a common interest, and that is living in a country that is the best it can be. And right now it’s just not. Assigning blame doesn’t help, either, because like it or not, if our president wants to bask in the glory of positive steps such as killing America’s No. 1 enemy, then he also has to steep in the heartbreak that is the state of our nation.

Carolyn Bourn

environmental scientist

Baton Rouge