Congratulations to Mr. Cassidy on his win over Sen. Landrieu. Here’s how I see that election and the upcoming one to replace Sen. Vitter when he runs for governor. The state of Louisiana will have a senior senator with two years of experience behind him when the junior Republican senator, the replacement for Vitter, will have none. The state of Louisiana loses. Two freshman Republican senators will have absolutely no influence over any issue coming up in the senate. Sure, they will be in “lockstep” with the Senate majority, but neither Cassidy nor Vitter’s replacement will have the influence of a former committee chairman and ranking member of the Energy Committee, if Sen. Landrieu had won. Sure, you say she could not get the pipeline deal done with her “influence.” She needed 60 votes to get the deal done, and do you think for one minute that the Republicans would give her the needed votes to hit 60 to win or influence an election over a Republican opponent? No way! Cassidy has been promised a seat on the Energy Committee, but having that seat means nothing if you have not been there long enough to sway other members of that committee and the Senate in general. Again, Louisiana loses. For the state of Louisiana, Senator-elect Cassidy, I wish you well.

Willie Price

retired FAA air traffic manager

New Iberia