I agree with the letter from Wayne Daigle printed recently in The Advocate. I don’t understand why there is a proposal to make Government Street two lanes with a turn lane in the middle and bike lanes on each side. There’s too much automobile traffic on Government Street to cut its capacity by 50 percent. I’ve been on Government Street when it was one lane in one direction was closed for a lane repair, and it was a major traffic jam, backed up for blocks and blocks!

I think a lot of local people are unaware of this proposal. I wonder if there was an opinion survey done on this idea? I was never asked if I thought it was a good idea. I don’t have a business there, but I travel this street often. I don’t want it to be bumper to bumper. Who would?

Taking out one lane in each direction on Government Street is a big mistake, and I hope this idea is stopped before it is begin. I’d rather see us spend money on something helpful rather than hurtful.

Joel Thibodeaux

retired social worker

Baton Rouge