Presidential candidate Donald Trump has garnered an immense amount of media attention with his crude statements and his vow to ignore political correctness. While he disputes claims that say he is racist and prejudice, his actions have dangerously affected Americans, changing us from a once-accepting and helpful people to a nation whose citizens are filled with a cold heart.

Trump began this anti-Muslim movement by stating he wished to “ban all Syrians” and even kick out the Syrians who live here. He has gone so far as to say that we should track Muslim-Americans so that we are able to act before the Islamic State attacks us from the inside. These statements have not only served to divide our nation, but also have, unfortunately, hardened the hearts of many Americans. How would you feel if you were told that you were now under suspicion of terrorism in a place you have always called your home? Is this no different than racial profiling against a young black male who “looks suspicious” in a wealthy neighborhood, even though he is just walking home? Is this no different than an immigration officer following around a Hispanic-American who simply wants to go play in the park with his friends?

Trump continually states he will “bomb the hell out of ISIS,” with no regard to the innocent families he will be killing. He also advocates waterboarding, a cruel form of torture in which individuals must survive without oxygen as water is being poured over their faces. Trump defines this as a “minimal” form of torture, but I’m sure he would never think about performing this action on his own children.

The evangelicals and Christians who feel “threatened” by Islam certainly should not want to support someone who advocates murder, one of the sins from the Ten Commandments found in the Bible. It’s ironic that Americans would even think this way, as this country was founded on the idea of religious freedom and was created by men who were fleeing religious persecution.

In 2015, 488 people were killed in cold blood in the city of Chicago. Should the United States government point their nukes at our own brethren in an attempt to “figure out what the hell is going on”? Say goodbye to your family and friends who lived there. They will be killed by a government trying to “protect its people.” And before you can even begin to mourn your loss, the bombs will be en route to your front door next.

Alvin Magee


New Orleans