The headline in the Sunday, March 3, Advocate excitedly announced, “New pope to emerge from conclave.” Holy Shinola, Sherlock! What was your first clue? This type of revelation typifies the news coverage seen since Pope Benedict XVI chose to step down. At least this article went on to quote a priest and an archbishop who actually knew what they were talking about. The news media’s coverage of all things Catholic shows an outsider’s lack of sound knowledge of their subject that is rightly expected from well-paid professional journalists.

Though they are supposedly sophisticated, their lack of interest in informed reporting involves them in the only socially acceptable prejudice allowed today. I am certain the myth of media objectivity has now all but disappeared among discerning people since criticism of every conceivable ethnicity or personal persuasion brings swift condemnation except for Christian/Catholic positions. Persons of good conscience will want to ponder what this portends.

The day Pope Benedict announced his retirement, The Advocate ran a photo, closely cropped from chin to eyebrows, which had quite a sinister look about it. Then followed an editorial cartoon lampooning the College of Cardinals as senile buffoons. If the topic were African witch doctors or American Indian medicine men, then the subject would be presented respectfully as the “wisdom of the elders,” but since it is mostly older white men a politically correct yet morally wrong slander could not be resisted.

The Roman Catholic Church is the only institution on the planet immune to the kinds of corrupting and undermining tactics that are employed by the worldlings who hate the wisdom of tradition and who despise an uncompromising virtue. Adaptations and reforms have always been part of Church history, but not in doctrines of faith and morals. This is not because the Church will not change them, but since genuine authority is not a matter for private judgment, the Church cannot change truths that transcend time and place.

The Catholic Church, unlike nearly all other institutions, will never bow before the politically correct gods of today’s thought police. It is the Church’s hierarchical structure and the institutional wisdom of its elders, drawing on two millennia of experience that keep the proverbial “gates of hell” from prevailing against it.

I have some good advice, of the type a brother would give, for all who use words to make their living. You may find it in the good book where it is written, “Be not deceived, God is not mocked.” Not successfully anyway.

Viva Pope Francis!

Chris Griswold


Baton Rouge