The other day, I was watching the news and they were talking about how President Barack Obama did not want to quarantine people coming from Africa and other parts of the world with high chances of Ebola. They said how some government officials were quarantining people and others weren’t; in other words, there was no organization. No organization in an event like this usually means no central person (leader) taking charge and making the decisions. This begs the question, where is Obama in all this?

It turns out that our president says that we should not quarantine people coming from these areas. I wondered why — the answer is because he does not want to discourage people from going over there to help out with the disease. I was astonished that a man who went to Harvard is making a potentially devastating decision on the thought that people would not help.

Has he ever heard of something called playing it safe? For example, if you think you have enough gas to get you from Shell Beach to Battledore Reef and back with just the right amount of fuel, play it safe and take a few extra gallons just in case anything happens. Shouldn’t we take that same precaution with our country? There is nothing wrong with having something that is overprotected, especially when the whole nation’s health relies on it.

Going back to his opinion that it will keep people from going over there to help: If people really want to help and know what they’re doing, they won’t think twice about being quarantined. I don’t think this man knows what he is doing, and I don’t think he should be our leader. He has no leadership skills whatsoever and does not know how to run anything much more than a washing machine (which he will probably mess up, too, and somehow make it in debt).

All of this begs the final and most important point of all: Is our president really making good decisions that help America or bad ones that are screwing up the country for our next generations?

Steven Berger