I am offended by political ads attacking Dr. Bill Cassidy, a humble Christian with outstanding personal character.

I had the pleasure of working with him in establishing The Greater Baton Rouge Community Clinic. The virtual clinic has provided millions of dollars in free medical and dental care to low-income, working uninsured in the greater Baton Rouge area. Cassidy is intelligent and compassionate with great leadership and personal skills. The clinic, which operates with no government assistance, would not have been successful without him.

I admired and supported Mary Landrieu in her early years.

However, after so many years in Washington, she seems out of touch. Since she and her party won control of the Senate in 2008, the national debt has almost doubled.

Yet she recently insinuated on the floor of the Senate that we do not have a spending problem. Is our country better now with all this spending?

If you feel good about the direction of our country, porous borders, welfare at an all-time high, higher taxes, higher gas prices, amnesty for all, “Obamacare,” more government regulations, millions of fewer workers, a decrease in Christian values, incompetence at many levels of federal government, one scandal after another and repeated lies by our dictator-in-chief, then vote for Landrieu.

If you want what is best for our state and country, vote for Cassidy.

Glenn M. Kidder


Baton Rouge