Four more years is right.

For me and the small percentage of voters who have never belonged to a party, it will be four more years of hearing the Republicans whine and cry and make excuses why they lost the election and how the country is doomed.

It is the same thing we heard after the 2000 election from the Democrats. The Supreme Court gave George W. Bush his election and Barack Obama won his by promising free stuff. I’m sure that’s the first time a politician ever promised something to his voters or gave something to his biggest donors. I’m sure Halliburton got lucky and ended up with a no-bid contract to furnish all materials in Iraq and Afghanistan.

If this country is doomed, it will be because both parties have decided the best way to get our country on the right path is to take extremist views and when it doesn’t turn out like they want, start whining, crying and blaming everyone but themselves.

One party wants to turn the country over to the private sector. Great idea. Remember Enron, Bernie Madoff, Stanford and the giant bank failures? The other party wants the government to fix every problem that arises no matter how large or small it is.

The reason this country did so well was because when government got too big it was scaled back. When corporations got greedy or hurt workers or polluted waterways needlessly, government reined them in with laws.

Both parties have decided if they can’t have it all, nobody will get anything. Extremism is every bit as dangerous as communism. If this country is doomed, one person or one party will not cause it.

It took most of this country working together to make us what we are. It will take most of this country not getting along to destroy it.

Cliff Johnson

retired boilermaker

St. Amant