This letter is in response to the article in the Feb. 1 Sunday Advocate, titled “Leaders propose to move around taxes.” The article went on to say that the EBR Parish Library and BREC parks have substantial funding available, leading some Metro Council members to believe that these should be shared with other entities. It seems to me that these individuals have forgotten the definition of the word “dedicated.” Let me educate you. It means “exclusively allocated to or intended for a particular service or purpose.” The voters of EBR Parish recognize the value of public libraries and parks, which enhance our lives.

Both the EBR Parish Library and BREC parks systems are excellent examples of good stewardship over our tax dollars. They operate efficiently and with transparency which, unfortunately, cannot be said of all of the Metro Council dealings.

That some Metro Council members have considered taking some of these dedicated funds is an affront to every voter and resident of this parish. I can guarantee that should this happen and these funds are pilfered for other than their intended purpose, while I do not presume to speak for all voters in this parish, I, for one, will never, I repeat, never vote in favor of any type of tax increase, since I will always wonder whether it will be diverted to something other than its stated purpose.

Sue Hayes

sales manager

Baton Rouge