Since President Barack Obama was elected in 2008, The Advocate has printed the opinions of my fellow Louisianians who disagree with the president on any number of issues.

It has been interesting to read how many experts on foreign policy, health care and national security, etc., we have in Louisiana who not only blame the president for the problems they write about but also offer up solutions to fix them.

In stating their opinions, they bypass the governor, the Congress and all other elected officials and go straight to the president to assign blame.

Here’s a problem I would like them to help me with because I’m sure they have an answer. Recently, while teaching a church Bible study, one of the attendees became seriously ill. After assessing her condition, an RN called for medical help to bring her to the hospital for treatment. It took the firemen whose station was less than a half-mile away 35 minutes to respond and the ambulance more than one hour to arrive after being called. The paramedics determined that the patient was having a stroke and had to be transported to Our Lady of the Lake because the hospital in Zachary was not equipped to treat her. This patient is a mother, grandmother, aunt, friend and neighbor who is important to many people, including me.

I want to ask these experts in opinion, is it better to assign blame to the president, governor, Congress or local officials for the long wait this patient had to endure before being transported to receive treatment, or would it be better to work to improve the response time for the people of my community? Would it be better to say who’s at fault instead of what can we do to make the response time better?

The beauty of America is that we are not limited to expressing our opinions when we disapprove of something or someone but that we can work together to make situations better for all of us.

Randy Perkins