Let’s see if I have this right. The Republican Party — the party that is actively trying to shut down women’s health clinics and that has repeatedly blocked paycheck fairness for women — is now exercised over crude remarks about women by Donald Trump. The GOP is suddenly all about respect for women?

Well, I suppose wonders never really cease.

And is this change of heart because women deserve respect inherently? Um, well, no. It’s because Republicans need their votes to win the White House, so they can repeal Obamacare, so they can further disadvantage the women they really, honest-to-God respect.

What Republicans will never admit is that Donald Trump is merely articulating the disdain the Republican party has shown toward women for years. They decry Trump’s tone, his crudeness, all the while overlooking the overt, discursive crudeness they have practiced and encouraged ever since Barack Obama became the Democratic nominee for president.

The dyspepsia engendered by Trump’s vulgar openness is most entertaining, but not more entertaining than the writhing hypocrisy of those gentlemen of the GOP.

Michael Russo


Baton Rouge