I read in The Advocate the story of the Oak Hills residents and their fight against the mining company that is wanting to dig up their backyard and put in a gravel operation.

One by one, they complained about the tragic loss of their peaceful environment and the loss of investment in their homes and neighborhood.

Terrible thing that is happening to those people, and I do feel bad for them. The noise and dust, day and night. Honestly, I do, as I once went through a “somewhat” similar situation.

However: Just a few months ago, we had an election for Congress, and a lot was noted about the vote in Livingston Parish and how conservative they are out there. I believe they voted about 80 percent Republican for Bill Cassidy and Garret Graves. That was what was expected and was of no surprise. What is a surprise is that in a parish where there are so many down-home, down-to-earth, independent, stay-out-of-my-business people is that when it is their turn to live by their beliefs, they don’t want to do it.

The fact is that both Cassidy and Graves ran on a platform of taking regulation off industries and letting them have a free run, to make the rules more friendly so industries could grow and prosper. Very, very little was said about better protection of the people. Both proclaimed that one of the main villains of industries was the Environmental Protection Agency. And the worst thing was to have the bad old EPA set limits on such things as air and water pollution. The gravel company should not have to worry about following any permits they might be granted, either, as our part-time governor has made it clear that the oil companies don’t have to follow them, so why put this burden on the small gravel industries?

All this is said with a bit of sarcasm and “I told you so.” But as someone said in an old country song, “I ain’t mad and I ain’t sad — just a little bit glad — to know that I ain’t the only one that’s ever been had.” Remember, every event should be a learning experience.

But I am very serious about the part of next time —-THINK before you VOTE — as it will affect you at some point in your future.

Carl Crain

retired welder/truck driver for Turner Industries

Baton Rouge