Bill Cassidy, with piercing eyes and a fulsome smirk, intones relentlessly: 97 percent! He says it like it actually means something significant, but does it? Since the Republicans gained a majority in the House of Representatives in 2010, no legislation can pass without their support, and 97 percent of nothing is nothing.

Now here’s a significant percentage: 81 percent. Are you tired of endless gridlock in Congress, of members putting party before country, of foolish talk about impeachment and shutting down the government, of a complete lack of bipartisan effort? When over 4 out of 5 members of Congress are men, this has been their miserable job performance in recent years.

I submit that there’s entirely too much testosterone in Congress. To get the country back on the right track, we need to elect more women, and when we have a good woman in office we need to re-elect her. That woman is Mary Landrieu. She has proven again and again that her primary goal is to serve Louisiana and its people, and she has done an excellent job. When the views of the president conflicted with the best interests of Louisiana, such as the drilling moratorium, she unhesitatingly supported the people of Louisiana. She reaches out to members of both parties to try to get things done. As to universal health care, that is the norm in every other major modern industrialized nation. The Republicans were given the opportunity to help draft the Affordable Care Act and refused. They presented no plan of their own.

On election day, I hope you join me in re-electing Landrieu, an excellent, experienced senator.

John Engelsman

retired lawyer

Baton Rouge