In response to Foster Campbell’s letter published in The Advocate on Feb. 1, I agree with his solution. It is a much better approach than the sales tax proposed by Gov. Bobby Jindal. However, I would like to propose an additional tax alternative. I would simply call it a “tax” on funds that people spend every day with their discretionary money. Let’s call it a “discretionary tax.” This tax would be levied on items spent after basics such as shelter, food, etc.

Items subject to this tax would be movie tickets, all professional and college sports tickets, other entertainment tickets, bar sales, restaurant sales, all liquor, tobacco, soft drinks, golf fees — to name some subject to this tax. I am sure there are more. All these expenditures by the public are for items after basics; therefore, no one in the general public would be harmed by this tax.

These tax alternatives (Campbell’s and the above) seem to me to be more reasonable than Gov. Jindal’s proposals.

Ruben OttenbacheR

retired corporate benefits director

Baton Rouge