Stephen Waguespack made one true statement in his letter to the editor, and that was that no politician is perfect. What he probably doesn’t realize is that he is the perfect politician. He has mastered the art of choosing the right words to make it look like he was personally attacked. According to Waguespack, he was only “concerned” about the budget when he was talking about our governor. When someone pointed out that his statements about the governor might be hypocritical because he was on the staff of the governor who left our state in worse shape budget wise than many others, he called it a personal attack. He couldn’t say it was a lie, so he had to say it was an attack.

His letter never did explain the difference between his “concern” and the other person’s “attack” because there is no difference. When someone points out a bit of truth that somebody else doesn’t like or maybe forgot, it just feels like an attack. If Waguespack’s ambition is to be a career politician, he is well on his way because his party has trained him well. The Republicans in this state are grooming three candidates from the Jindal school of politics: Waguespack, Attorney General Jeff Landry and U.S. Rep. Garret Graves. I hope none of them turn out to be a Bobby Jindal clone.

Cliff Johnson

retired boilermaker

St. Amant