Politics or “Politricks”

I have read accounts of, listened to and watched politicians from the various political parties discuss what they deemed to be important critical campaign issues. Whenever possible I have researched the various candidates’ qualification and voted for the individual that I believed to be best-suited for the job. I have voted for a person whom I trusted. I voted for the individual I thought to be honest. I voted for the individual who epitomized hard work. I voted for the individual who best represented the values that I adhered to. I voted for the individual that I believed that, once elected, would not forget promises made prior to the election and not sell their “soul” to the highest bidder after the election, thereby sweeping truth and integrity out of the door.

Voters, I challenge you to always do your homework prior to casting your ballot for any candidate whether it is at a local, state or on a national level. I challenge you to cast your ballot independently. I caution you not to vote Republican because you are registered Republican or vice versa. I urge you to vote for the candidate that you deem best qualified based on the “facts” that you have gathered during your research. I also caution you to be careful when voting for candidates that only point out what problems are, but offer no solution for fixing these problems.

Someone once said a long time ago, “United we stand and divided we fall” and, “We may have come to this country in a different boat, but we are all in the same boat now.” We need to take a lesson from history and learn from the past civilizations and/or countries that have fallen. It is interesting to note that they were not conquered from without, but were destroyed from within.

Beware of politicians who are seizing the opportunity to confuse voters by employing scare tactics in hope of swaying your votes. We need to be aware that politicians can be likened to piranhas caught in a feeding frenzy over the seemingly divisions that exists in this country because of class, race, religion, sex and nationality etc.

The solution to our nation’s problems lies not in division, but in unity and cohesion. Remember, it’s your choice.

Ernest Dennis Jr.

retired licensed clinical social worker

Baton Rouge