As reported by The Advocate’s Elizabeth Crisp, our governor reacted in characteristically ungracious fashion to the defeat of Louisiana’s first and only female senator in her bid for re-election:

“The guv weighs in #lasen RT @BobbyJindal It’s about time. We’ve finally retired Mary Landrieu. @BillCassidy will be a great Senator for La.”

This unstatesman-like taunt is unfortunately not atypical, coming from our notably vindictive, uber-partisan governor who aspires to represent all Americans as president.

Not only did Jindal not give Landrieu credit for her long-term public service but he also chose to ignore her heroic campaign against all odds. Even conservative columnist Quin Hillyer gave Landrieu credit for her quixotic effort to remain as Louisiana’s only statewide elected Democrat.

One can only hope that Jindal’s notorious mean-spiritedness becomes nationally recognized, as it has here in his home state.

From a coastal standpoint, Louisiana has lost a true hero and Cassidy will have sensible, petite shoes to fill that he’s guaranteed to find extremely uncomfortable.

Len Bahr

coastal scientist

Baton Rouge