The gun violence and misuse over the last decade has brought up questions about ways to enforce gun safety.

Because people are abusing guns, many laws and campaigns have been established in hopes that there will be a proper solution to this problem.

Freedom is the foundation in a country like America, so many Americans believe that they should have the right to own a gun if they so desire. Guns are used for personal protection and hunting. When guns are used the right way, they can be very useful and somewhat comforting, but they can also be taken advantage of. With freedom comes responsibility, but some people fail to take up this responsibility. If people take advantage of their freedoms, then their freedoms should be taken away.

I understand that we do live in a free country, but because of the world that we live in, I do not think that people should have access to guns. Unstable people have caused horrific shootings to have guns readily available for everyone. Many government officials and politicians have spent years establishing campaigns, laws and acts to find a solution to this gun issue. New York’s governor Andrew M. Cuomo is an advocate of gun safety and has dedicated his life to finding a balance between freedom and protection. He criticized federal laziness after a massacre on an Oregon college campus, which is one of several recent mass shootings that has returned gun violence to the forefront. Incidents like this reassure my belief that politicians need to stop beating around the bush, and we should just ban guns all together.

In recent years, different measures have been taken in hopes that people will start using guns more appropriately. In a Pew Poll that was taken in January 2013, 85 percent of the people favor having background checks for private and gun show sales. In accordance with this, 80 percent of people favor preventing people with mental illness from purchasing guns.

Government officials can try to address these problems, but I do not believe that this will ultimately resolve the problem. Requiring background checks for people buying ammunition is another temporary solution to this grave matter. No matter what, people will always bend or go around the law, so instead of creating more laws, I firmly believe that the only way to solve this problem is to completely eliminate guns.

America would be a safer place.

Megan Labbe