Günter Bischof’s column was historically very interesting, and if the city of New Orleans had the extra funds to build such a park, it should. However, New Orleans should have more important places to spend its limited funds.

Those of us living in New Orleans have to drive down streets in Lakeview like Germain and Colbert, or streets in back of St. Dominic Church and School, or streets like Paris Avenue and those connected to it. These neighborhoods make up a large part of the city’s tax base.

We feel that it’s a waste of our tax dollars to take down these statues (no matter what they stood for). Should we really spend the money we don’t have to commission new statues, install them and probably dedicate these new statues with an expensive ceremony?

Let’s take care of our streets, teachers, schools and byways first. Let’s clean up our city. Let’s pay our police and firemen higher salaries.

No, this whole statue thing is political, and those who are promoting it are not looking out for our city’s best interests.

Mary Glynn


New Orleans